my girlfriend likez CHATOT! so i made this shrine 4 her!!!!! if ur looking 4 some fucking CHATOT! content, here u go!!!1!

[unlinked imagez r from the bulbagarden chatot image archive btw--otherz will link 2 their sourcez]

some poggerz CHATOT merch & ratingzz

PokeVault Chatot


p accurate but weirdly lumpy tbh? -1 point 4 costing like 23 buckz, not worth it.

Chatot Mini Plush, Size: Small


i want 2 like him bc he'z scrunkled but. dude he suckz. too skinny. note-thing lookz like a used condom. also he'z THIRTY FIVE FUCKING DOLLARZ and SIX INCHEZ TALL

Bootleg Pokedoll


friend shaped

Chatorb ("chibi toy")


literally what more could u want. it'z fucking round. it'z an orb. it'z allegedly a "bath toy" which soundz like a sex thing but still worth it. also its 20.69 (nice). would die 4 it

Sitting Cutie


it'z a "sitting cutie" but it'z standing 4 sum reason. moderately fucked up but the price is p fuckin good. i'd be happy 2 own it